Valhalla Olympics is a norse-themed partygame which challenges your reactions, understanding, and adaptability. Challenge your friends in various minigames with godly twists, to gain the favor of the gods while battling through a colorful, cheerful, and magical viking universe.

Swing, aim, steer, and chug your smartphone as the game controller to beat out your friends in classical viking disciplines such as sword fighting, precision shooting, ship racing, and mead drinking.

Can you conquer the threat of the giants?

Can you find your way inside J�rmungandr?

Will you drink the poisoned mead?

No matter what, you should not let your friends reach Valhalla before you!

Pre-Alpha Video Trailer


The game is played on a computer, but controlled by the players� smartphones. You choose one of three categories and play either with or against your friends in different games. The games are easy to grasp and feel intuitive once you get a hang of them.

In the sword games, you either swing your phone as a sword to cut down giants or assume a defensive stance to block incoming projectiles.

In the shooting game, your phone becomes a blowgun. You put it to your mouth, point and blow to make darts fly towards your enemies!

In the ship game, you are the captain of your own one-man viking ship where you race your friends or wreck havoc upon them with godly weapons of mead-destruction!


You assume the role of a honorable, mead-drinking, slightly overweight warrior, whose only goal in life is to reach Valhalla, since that�s where the best parties are! This is achieved by attending the yearly olympics which require courage, strength, and a strong stomach to beat the competition back to midgard. But simply beating out your competitors isn't everything in this years olympics. The giants have chosen the worst (or arguably best) possible time to invade! But fear not, the gods have smiled upon you and have granted you magic and weapons worthy of only the drunkest viking.

Slay the J�tunn, please the gods, make a spectacle, and claim your ticket to the afterparty in Valhalla!


We have always loved playing couch games through the years. There�s something special about having friends over and enjoying fun co-op or competitive games where the players reactions are half the fun. Lately, consoles like the Wii and Switch have brought gaming back to the living room for avid Nintendo fans who invest into the console and games to recreate the fun environment. Popular party games like the JackBox Party Packs have taken a different and more budget-friendly approach to couch gaming and focus on text-based games which are controlled through mobile and enjoyed with sometimes up to 10 friends.

We take our inspiration from both of these gametypes and end up somewhere in the middle. We bring the movement and interaction-based gameplay from the Wii, to the affordable partygame format of JackBox, with few but replayable minigames that keep you entertained for hours with your friends.